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Top 8 Tips to Keep Your Bike Healthy Without Spending a Fortune.

Can’t think of ways to keep your bike healthy without spending a fortune? Want to learn how to maintain your bike at home? Want to learn how to care for your bike to maximize its longevity? Not everyone is born with a knowledge bank of bike maintenance.

When the bike is new, bike maintenance excites the owners. After a few months, people just ignore the maintenance schedule, and this leads to problems. Just some preventative maintenance can decrease the chances of unexpected breakdowns and increase the performance of your bike, giving you more miles in the long run and also bettering the resale value.

Read on to get some simple ideas on improving the condition of your bike without squandering a lot of money at a crucial stage.

Primary maintenance

The basic bike maintenance involves bike cleaning, keeping your bike free from dust, reading the biker manuals to understand how the machine works and what are the parts that can be kept alive for a longer time. Yes! Going through the manual gives you an idea, regarding different parts of the motorcycles and the two-wheeler that would wear out over time. Washing the bike regularly avoids rusting and brings to notice, some trivial issues that you might have overlooked. There are many ‘bike service for dummies’ articles you can go through to find perspective on easy ways to maintain your bike.


The first component that comes to mind when you think of a bike is the tire. Checking the threads and condition of the tire and tubes, bulging tire, wheel alignment, and repairing them when needed can keep you away from mishaps. The air pressure in hot tires that shows up as a bump can be controlled at home with an air pump and a tire pressure gauge. Maintaining an adequate amount of air pressure can be easily done when the tire is cold.

Frequent liquids and oils change.

The human body and machines have one thing in common; both need necessary oils to avoid wear and tear of the parts. Brake, engine, clutch, fork, and steering need oil changes at regular intervals. The coolant has to be replaced to avoid corrosion in the inner walls. Review the user manual to figure out how to check the levels of each fluid. Top them off beforehand to keep your bike in top shape. The changing of oils is best left to bike service providers as the process encompasses bolting and unscrewing various rings and parts. It is crucial to analyze the grade of oil needed for your bike.

Engine maintenance DIY

When the weather is cold outside, or the bike has been parked for over days, it is always a good practice to wait for about 30 secs or more to rev the throttle. This strategy lets the engine oil move in the vehicle and lubricant the parts of the engine to increase its lifespan. It is also advised to go at a controlled speed for the first 1000 km of the bike’s life as the parts are breaking-in into the working conditions of the machine. Although it is tempting to Overspeed with the new bike, resisting the urge is the easiest way to enhance your engine life.


We are much dependent on brakes, and it makes sense to check their condition time and again. While checking for the condition of brakes, it is required that you inspect the thickness of the disc plates. The worn-out disc plates will be thinner than the thickness mentioned on them. The brake pads clamp the disc plates and so the harder you apply brakes, the faster these brake pads wear out. It is recommended that you get the bike mechanic to replace them well before they pose any danger to you on the streets.


Chain is the main link between the engine and the wheels. A baggy chain will reduce the power conveyed from the engine to the wheels reducing the performance of the vehicle. It can also be fatal as sometimes the loose chain tends to come out of the socket. A stiff chain, on the other hand, wears out the chain and the sprocket very quickly. A rusty chain can be dangerous to ride with on the road. Lubricate the chains regularly to reduce the vibrations and to ensure your ride is smooth. Some bike service for dummies articles mentions different high-quality lubricants. Consulting bike service mechanics can help you out in choosing the best product.

Clean up the air filters

Air filters stop the dust from entering the engine by purifying the air before entering the engine, And the filter will start clogging up after a certain amount of time and result in incorrect combustion. Air filter cleaning consists of a set of simple tasks that involves removing the filter, cleaning the filter in kerosene, and drying it, placing it back after coating it in a layer of engine oil. After around 10000km, it is advisable to change the air filter.

Battery life

Dust and dirt on the connection terminals of the battery commonly get ignored. Often the vibrations from the motorcycle loosen the connections to the terminals. The collected dirt can block the steady flow of electric charge. Tightening the bolts and cleaning the terminals is a must to improve the life of the battery. Batteries die overtime when they are either used heavily or not used for a substantial amount of time. Recharging the battery is an option when the battery can hold the charge. It is time to replace the battery if the battery continuously discharges.

Regular bike services, along with the tricks mentioned above, are going to improve the condition of the motorcycle drastically. If you are looking for a trustworthy and loyal bike servicing brand, Visti is the place for you. We master at providing convenient bike servicing solutions. You can visit our website www.visti.in to know about the kind of services that we offer. You can also download our app form both play store and apple store by searching for Visti App or by Clicking Here.

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