About Us

Why choose Visti?

At Visti, we believe in making your bike, and car servicing needs simpler with just a click. Bike and car servicing seem to be tedious jobs when either of them breaks down, and you have to leave them behind or drop them off to a service station nearby. It is also not so convenient to find the right bike service centre nearby to your stay. With Visti, you can get your vehicle serviced and receive it back at your doorstep without any hassle, all for a reasonable price. We provide timely service so you can count on us for any emergencies that may arise.

Our Journey

Visti is a brainchild of three directors Manoj Kumar P, Samarth S Hebal and Naveen Kumar M P who are driven to providing the best of experience to the customer in all possible sense. We are a highly dedicated servicing company that was set up on the 26th of November 2019. Visti has a vast team of well-informed mechanics and qualified experts who are willing to go the extra mile each time to keep customers satisfied. Over a short period, we have grown massively and located across three multiple cities like Mysore, Bangalore, and Hubli.

Our solution

With Visti, the process of getting your bike or car serviced is now as convenient as ordering food online. All you need to do is download our app, which is available both on play store and app store, register, and schedule for any service you desire. You can also book a bike mechanic or car mechanic online through our app. We understand the faith that lies in handing over your bike or car for service, how important it can be for you, and we handle your vehicle with the utmost care. The best part about this is you can get your bike servicing and car servicing done right in front of your eyes. We facilitate a vast range of services which include doorstep service, bike maintenance, bike polishing, water wash, bike repair, tubeless tire puncture repair, towing, pickup and delivery and many more.

The Team

The administrative team consists of Manoj Kumar P, Samarth S Hebal and Naveen Kumar M P hailing from Bangalore are passionate about giving the highest-level bike and car service, with the best user experience to all the clients in this field of work for quite some time. We have a large team of experts and experienced professionals who aim at improving the longevity of your vehicle and take away the pain of maintaining a bike and car. The team is efficient and reliable, so you no longer need to worry about getting your bike parts damaged while transportation or replacing a viable part without checking its durability.