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10 Easy Tips to Increase Your Bike Mileage.

Mileage is a crucial criterion for deciding the bike that you buy with the rising fuel prices. Distance covered divided by the amount of fuel consumed to traverse this distance is how to calculate the mileage of the bike. It might not be possible to achieve the exact mileage number quoted by the bike dealer, but you sure can try coming closer to that magic number with the help of a few tips and tricks. The below-mentioned topics are generally discussed in all the articles that are found when you google ‘how to check mileage of bike,’ ‘how to calculate mileage of bike,’ ‘how to increase mileage of bike,’ and so on.

Read ahead to find out how small modifications can make a big difference to the mileage of your bike. Also, learn how to increase mileage of bike.

Maintain a Uniform Speed

The most common advice that all bike companies give is to maintain the speed at 50 to 60 kmph, and this is not just a marketing gimmick. The two-wheeler consumes less fuel when the bike is ridden at a consistent speed. Sudden braking and accelerating wastes a lot of fuel. Rash riding on lower gears can cause a lot of damage to the mileage. Riding the bike at a lower rpm level on a fitting gear is the most dependable way to get the best mileage bike can produce. So, next time before pacing through the traffic lights, just think about what the action can do on the mileage of your bike and go forward.

Get Your Bike Serviced Frequently.

Servicing your bike regularly keeps the bike healthy and helps in improving the mileage. Ensuring that the air filter and the sparkplug is clean and dust-free makes way to burn the fuel effectively. Changing the engine oil keeps the engine in better shape and increases the life of your bike. Timely servicing brings back the mileage to the desired number and thereby improves the performance of the motorcycle.

Refuel With Good Quality Fuel

Find a petrol pump that delivers high-quality petrol and try to refuel in the same dealer every time. Using top-quality fuel keeps the engine in top shape and increases fuel economy. Contaminated fuel damages the engine from inside, causing bent valves, engine knocking, and sludge filing in the carburetor. Before filling your tank with the fuel, make sure that the fuel is unadulterated. Also, fill the fuel in the morning as there are fewer chances of evaporation.

Turn off the vehicle.

When at a halt for more than 30 secs, kill the power of your bike. When in an idle state at traffic signals, the fuel is consumed, but the odometer reading is constantly wasting a lot of fuel. Turn off the engine, so both fuel consumption and engine life are improved.

Do not park your bike under the sunlight

Try to find a shady place for your vehicle, especially during summers because some quantity of petrol will evaporate if you do park under the sun. This, in turn, reduces mileage and increases fuel consumption.

Lubricate the chains

Dust and dirt will accumulate on the chain. The bike will start to consume more power to turn the chain, and the overall performance will drop down over time. Clean and lubricate the chains regularly, especially if you are in a dusty city.

Air pressure balance

Maintaining the recommended air pressure on the tire improves the fuel economy. The right amount of air pressure plays an important role in boosting mileage. A low inflation level on the tire decreases mileage considerably as the rolling resistance increases due to wider contact of the tire on the surface area. Overinflating, on the other hand, will lead to gripping issues, reduced traction, and disbalance.

Carburetor settings

If the bike is having mileage related problems even after multiple bike services, you can manually or electronically re-tune the carburetor. Dirt covered carburetor heavily drains the fuel. It is better to clean it before re-tuning

Avoid constant gear shifting.

Shifting gears constantly puts a lot of load on the clutch, which automatically brings the mileage down. Be sure to review the gap between the clutch and handlebar. If the clutch is too tight, your bike will absorb more fuel. Try to be gentle with your clutch while applying brakes and changing gears. Being tender with the machine improves mileage and keeps the parts safe in the long run.

Replacing original parts

Never replace the original parts of your bike for the alternatives available in the market place. A bike’s performance highly depends on it’s originally designed components. Do not make too many modifications to your bike in terms of exhausts, air filters, and extra-wide tires. Any kind of unnecessary and heavy accessories will also pull down mileage of the bike.

You might not have bought the best mileage bike available in the market, but you can make sure that your bike is in the top condition by making these simple changes when riding your bike. Over time mileage tends to drop due to harsh usage and irregular servicing patterns. Avoid rash riding around potholes and between the signals. Just be sure to follow all of the above to achieve the highest mileage from your bike and get the value for your money.

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